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F.L.I.G.H.T. (Flight Lesson Instructional Grants Helping Teens) Foundation was established in East Tennessee for aerospace and flight students of all ages. The non-profit chartered foundation was formed to provide funding to ensure the continuance of an already proven and established aerospace education program in Air Force Junior ROTC at Unicoi County High School. In 2001 the program moved to Sullivan County.

Since April of 1992, 3,093 flights with 8,568 students/passengers for orientation flights have been made...most by founder and retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Bill Powley, a former F-4, A-7, F-16 fighter pilot and Vietnam veteran. All flights are sponsored by grants/donations.

Austin is passionate about supporting F.L.I.G.H.T Foundation and shares a personal connection with the foundation. An active pilot, Austin was a participant in the F.L.I.G.H.T foundation program in 2009. After training and flying with Lt. Col. Powley, Moody flew a Cessna 152 solo in July 2009. He continued his training and received his private pilot's certificate in 2010. In addition to the training Austin needed to fly, the foundation taught him invaluable discipline, leadership, and motivational skills that he applies to every day life. Now a personal friend of Lt. Col. Powley, Austin headlines an annual fundraising concert for the foundation in the Tri-Cities. All of the profits from the concert go to the F.I.G.H.T. Foundation and its programs. Austin feels strongly about the program's ability to transform young lives.

Rural Mission, Inc.

Rural Mission, Inc. was chartered in 1969 as an interdenominational, non-profit organization to foster, promote and administer to the spiritual, social, educational, medical and housing requirements of the rural people of the sea islands of coastal South Carolina. Through programs that improve housing and provide food and family services to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them, we work to restore the foundation of our community. Our volunteers, community leaders, donors and neighbors strengthen us.

This year-round program helps to improve the housing of Sea Islanders who do not have stable or permanent incomes. Volunteers from across the country come to Rural Mission from churches and colleges to repair and construct homes with one of Rural Mission’s licensed staff members.

Since the summer of 2007, Austin has been traveling to the Carolina coast to volunteer his time and labor to help improve the living conditions of the less fortunate. This cause is dear to Austin's heart and believes that he benefits more from the experience than the people he and others helping. Austin considers giving back to be mandatory, and he believes that it is a blessing to be able to work with various nonprofits like Rural Mission.